Data back-up using manufacturer’s software

If you use software such as Blackberry Desktop Software and iTunes to create back-up files, always test new versions to verify the settings. Recently, newer versions have had changes to the default settings. You do not want to find your contacts and bookmarks on the suspect’s Blackberry after it automatically synced with your computer on connection.

The current version of Blackberry Desktop Software is Ver. 6.  There are some major changes with this release.  The GUI looks very similar to the previously released Mac version.  With this, the menus and default settings have also changed.  You will need to connect a test device to change the settings and verify the results.  Once connected, a photo of the device model and the device particulars are displayed in the main panel of BDS.  A screen capture of this is helpful for the reporting process. 

The current version of iTunes is Ver. 9.2.  The settings must be changed prior to connecting the iPhone.  Edit/Preferences/Devices displays a checkbox for “Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically.  This box must be checked.  Once the device is connected ti iTunes, right click on the device name for a menu.  Select the back-up option. 

Ensure that the software does what YOU want it to do when YOU want it to do it. A fresh user account for each device is also suggested to prevent cross-contamination. Always verify your software.

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