Greetings all you followers of MFI Bloggingness ( if that is a word, if not I call it). This comes to from about 39,000 feet, my frequent abode and resting place for bloggingness.

I wanted to drop a line about the HTCIA International conference in Atlanta Georgia this year. MFI will be doing a “do not miss” class or two. Here is a little bit about the two classes.

The Basic Approach

The first class is going to be all about the newbie coming into cellphone forensics will some cool information on troubleshooting and then into some automated tools like the NEW AccessData MPE+, Susteen’s Secure View and Cellebrite’s UFED. Also, learn why tools don’t like to work with each other and how to fix that.

Get some quality time with the automated tools to make the decision for yourself! That is what MFI is all about, letting the student decide on the tools that they may use in their examinations. This course will lead up to the second course that will bring the examiner to “how can I bring in and locate more information than the standard logical tool?”

The Advanced Approach

Moving from simply extracting the data we move to what we should do with the data? Since most applications only give you a limited view with the logical data we will take it a bit farther with the introduction of data like date and times, web artifacts, MMS artifacts and many other pieces of data not seen on the standard extraction.
We will also be looking at data from devices like the iPhone and the types of data we can recover from these devices using a physical acquisition approach. There is a wealth of information in these devices that are untouched by the standard logical tools on the market today.

That is a quick rundown on the course. If you are heading to the HTCIA conference this year I hope to see you there!

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