Fuel (A company perspective)

As I listened to a message on sustainability this weekend I contemplated the sustainability of mobile forensics. From the start of Mobile Forensics Inc., to the purchase of MFI, to the growth of MFI there has always been a drive for sustainability. This does not come from training examiners to be black and white and to utilize a single tool solution like some would prefer; no, this comes from being the fuel. Like I always say, if a company says that they are the only tool needed for mobile phone forensics don’t buy anything from them. There is not a one tool solution…period

By fuel I am referring to MFI’s focus of raising free thinkers. In order to accomplish this MFI attempts by fueling an examiner’s desire to look outside the box, look at tools as just that, tools, and putting “examiner” into mobile examiner. Move away from the companies alleging their tool is the only tool on the market and allow students to make an informed decision by giving them the fuel to allow them to move forward independently. MFI has always used the term “vendor neutral” but now other companies have taken that mantra so I want to again break away and call MFI a Training Fuel Company.

Fuel is used to power our vehicles, run our computers, power our lights and now our training brains. By imparting knowledge on cellular forensics (not tool forensics) we fuel the examiner to think for themselves, to choose a tool or tools that fit their needs and arm them with the knowledge to be self sustaining.

There is nothing better than receiving feedback from students after attending our course describing that they utilized the knowledge they departed with to solve a case that no tool on this earth could have solved independently. Quite simply, the information the examiner received fueled their focus as well as examination practices. Now the examiner becomes self sustaining, not spoon feed. This is and will always be the goal of Mobile Forensics Inc. If you have taken a Mobile Forensics Inc course, I thank you and hope that the information you departed with was immediately useful to you as an examiner. If you have not been to a MFI course yet, I hope to see you at one soon.


Lee Reiber

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Pioneering mobile device forensic examiner, consultant and trainer, software development innovator and former LE officer with the Boise Police Department
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