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MFC Conference Myrtle Beach

We are hoping you are attending the Mobile Forensics Conference next week.
We dont want you to miss the great classes we will be having and the great product showcase.

Take a look at the classes we are offering:

Sunday 6/3/2012
MPE+ and AME Bootcamp – 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM

FREE COURSE – Register on same Day
This course provides the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct a mobile phone investigation using MPE+. Students will gain hands-on experience with cell phone imaging and analysis of mobile devices and SIM cards commonly associated with mobile phone investigations. Students will also be exposed to general mobile forensics concepts to include: networks, proper handling of evidence and collection. Students will also be able to take the AME certification at the conclusion of the course.

The AME credential demonstrates your proficiency with Mobile Phone Examiner Plus as well as a general knownledge on process, cellular networks, technology and procedure.

Tuesday 6/5/2012

Mobile Device Malware: Android Investigation- 10:00 AM to 10:50 AM

Malware on computers can infect, transmit and “sell” our personal data. Malware can also be used to “blame” and cast doubt on collected evidence in a computer examination. Why then are we not scanning for these items when conducting a mobile device exam? In this course we will first look at the malware epidemic on the Android platform and what information you could be “giving away”. We will move into methods on how collect and detect this type of threat on the Android device during your collections.

Tuesday 6/5/2012

Digital Dumpster Diving- 11:00:AM to 11:50 PM

What happens to that data when you turn in your old cellphone? Are you sure you removed it all. Simply doing a factory reset might not be enough.
In this presentation Lee Reiber will present a case study that he conducted after purchasing cellular phones from several reselling outlets known to us all and some not. We will look at the methods used, the types of data recovered and possible ways to protect your data from the Digital Dumpster Diver.

Tuesday 6/5/2012

Digital Domination: The age of smartphones- 3:30PM to 5:20 PM

Unfortunately the forensic examination of a mobile phone has taken a backseat to “push-button” forensics. With smart phones now dominating the market, reliance on the “easy button” presents an even greater risk of missing critical evidence.

In this presentation we will not only discuss the currently available applications on the mobile forensic scene, but will also discuss what we might be missing, especially when examining smart phones.

Do mobile forensic examination tools miss data?

Yes, and it is the responsibility of the examiner – not the tool – to ensure thorough forensic analysis.

During this presentation, attendees will learn where a lot of tools fall short, and they will learn how to compensate for this shortfall with forensic analysis best practices. Knowing the limitations of your technology and best practices in forensic analysis will arm you with the knowledge you need to overcome the challenges presented by the ever-increasing number of smart devices you’re encountering.

Mobile Forensics Inc. Booth

All Conference

Stop by and See Lee Reiber at the MFI Booth. Get the low down on the training courses, MPE+, MPE+ Investigator and the MPE+ Tablet. Get a test drive of the NEW MPE+ Tablet that will be around the booth

If you have not seen the video on the MPE+ Tablet on the AccessData site. Please check it out

AccessData Party- Wastin’ Away Again in Margaritaville

Tuesday 6/5/2012
8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Once again AcessData will be hosting THE party of the conference at Margaritaville.

Get your invite at the AccessData Booth. There are a limited number so do not get left out!

AccessData will be providing bus transportation to/from Margaritaville

MFI Training Classes

As always please checkout our full lineup of classes outside of MFC.

We have a full line of online and classroom classes. Our classes instruct on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Basic Mobile Phone Forensics, Advanced Mobile Forensics, GPS Devices and more. Please jump to the site to see dates, times and availablities

Lee Reiber

About Lee Reiber

Pioneering mobile device forensic examiner, consultant and trainer, software development innovator and former LE officer with the Boise Police Department
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