So as I leave the #DFIRSummit in Austin, TX and at 30, 000 feet I have time to reflect.

I submitted a paper requesting submission into the fold and was accepted to speak at the SANS SUMMIT (which honestly, I am honored – even though Rob Lee and Lee Whitfield are invovled – no help with the “equal name game”. 😉 )

Furthermore, since becoming a “VENDOR” (yes a V word) most entities see me as the POD of mobile forensics (Prince of Darkness – Freak – Just Selling Product) which of course is further from the truth if you talk to me.

Side Bar: For those who ventured near POD thank you and you are welcome to purgatory. 😉

This addition brought to you by WordPress and @United (Always a plug for those who keep you sane).

This time, although extrememly short at #SANSummit, has taken me back; to my roots so to speak. I say taken me back because due to many circumstances, I have been sent to the corner, on subjects of anonymity (yes @CindyMurphy you saw that at lunch); sometimes have my hands tied and mind duct taped due to this new world I am a part of. I will be forever an examiner, developer and hacker; always thinking of the what-if, no matter who, what or where I am working. I truly felt a part of the front line, not the bottom line today and I thank every one of the attendees at the SANS event in Austin for this.

I truly live and grow in a world of communication. I believe, as I said in my talk, that we are the frontline, the pioneers and the forensicators. I will forever respect and honor those in the community, understanding that there is always so much to learn no matter your station. Those attending the event in Austin are not only the pioneers in the industry but the “zero-day” examiners. Again, I am honored.

I honestly hope that I can contribute to this wonderful community of “freaks”.

Side Bar: This term is of course a term of endearment as I put myself in this catagory

All kidding aside, thank you for the opportunity to present at the conference as a practitioner and not a body of “VENDORISM”.

Welcome to Denver…..BLOG END.


Lee Reiber

About Lee Reiber

Pioneering mobile device forensic examiner, consultant and trainer, software development innovator and former LE officer with the Boise Police Department
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