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AccessData’s MPE+ added not only support for iOS7 but enhanced the iDevice support with the new iLogical™ selection.

Prior to the 5.4 release a user had to select the manufacturer as well as the make when conducting a collection of an iOS device. Now, the user simply selects Apple and then iLogical Device to conduct a collection on ANY iDevice from the original iPhone to the new iPhone 5S or 5C; it is that easy.

Also, in prior versions of MPE+ the logical collection was just like any other tools collection by using the standard iTunes backup engine. So,that of course limited the data to only what iTunes allowed to be backed up. That is no longer the case! Not only is iTunes not needed for the collection, but data capabilities can be selected that recover data not backed up by the iTunes service! This includes application data, device information and network information to name a few.

How about iTunes Backup encryption? Since most tools use the iTunes backup service to obtain a logical collection of the data the user is stopped in their tracks if the user has set the backup to be encrypted via iTunes. The information is collected by the data is encrypted, unreadable and unusable. MPE+ now solves this problem a couple of ways.

If the iTunes backup password is known the user can enter this information into the MPE+ interface and all capabilities are available.

What if the passcode for iTunes is not known?

No problem, MPE+ will bypass this encryption and recover application data, user information, media and much more!

Ok, this may be a first for any software with Backup encryption enabled but what about the actual passcode to the device?

MPE+ has a built in browser to obtain the needed files to unlock ANY iDevice. This includes the newest iPhone 5S and 5C! If you have the computer the device had synced to these files are available. They also can be obtained using AccessData’s Triage tool if needed.

Just looking at the filesystem view in MPE+ the application data obtained is really unbelievable. Application caches, user storage as well as locally stored files are available to the user.

If iDevices are something that you are processing regularly then the new AccessData MPE+ 5.4 is a software application you cannot do without.

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