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Fast Forward

First, before I start back into my blog (yes it has been some time), I wanted to start it off with a thank you… It seems almost surreal in a way, with the many opportunities that have presented themselves in … Continue reading

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iOS Timeline with CookieMonster

Giving a video/blog post a try.  Today, I am looking at the Cookies.binarycookies files contained within the Library/Cookies folder on iOS devices – generally in the Application folders. Many apps contain this file when utilizing their built in web browsers.  When … Continue reading

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The Forensic Snake: Using Python to Squeeze the Mobile Device

When I started my pilgrimage into mobile forensics, I did so with the goal of providing the law enforcement community with the tools and training that would assist investigators in extracting relevant data from cell phones. Back then, mobile forensics … Continue reading

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Building a Solution to Today’s Problem: Mobile Device Application Overload

Crime today is no longer confined to the streets. Crimes are increasingly committed in a cyber-world. Looking back, I recalled patrolling the streets as a young officer in a Pacific Northwest city, and responding to calls for service involving domestic … Continue reading

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The Failing “Find Evidence Button”

It has been quite evident during my R&D to develop a better solution to combat the rapidly changing dynamic of smart device collections one critical observation. The days of quick and dirty forensics is over. This theme resonated at this … Continue reading

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