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An Interview with Robert Dare on EDiscovery and ADUC

Today’s podcast was with Robert Dare a forensic examiner working in the corporate environment.  We talk about his views on mobile devices in the ediscovery world, his usage of AccessData’s Mobile Phone Examiner Plus (MPE+) and the Access Data Users … Continue reading

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Carving the artifacts

Recently, I spoke at length to a trainer of MFI that stirred up some great feelings when it comes to searching. And when I talk about feelings don’t get freaked out, but moreover they are the kind of emotions only … Continue reading

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MFI Training Series vol 1 -Processing

Ok, so we left off talking about the examiners process and now are going to move onto the actual processing of the device it’s self. I will generically talk about some key points I like to cover in my courses. … Continue reading

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