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Training, Talks and Mobile Forensics – Interview with Glenn Baard

Today on the Mobile Forensic Examiner I spoke with Glenn Baard the CTO for PATC.  They not only train on mobile forensics but also still work forensic cases for many LE agencies that either do not have the tools, or … Continue reading

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Elcomsoft – iOS 4 Bricks

I receive this email today and thought I would get it out to those that are looking into the decryption software for the iOS4 devices.  You might want to wait until a fix or another product comes out.   Read on….. … Continue reading

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FTK 3.2 and cellphones

A little bit of a layoff on the blog due to some crazy class schedules, but hey I am here again at 30,000 feet so what the heck. Lets talk about AccessData’s FTK.  I have been messing with AccessData’s new … Continue reading

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Mobile Forensics Inc 303 – Release Notes

Another airblog for you. This time coming from 40,000 feet! Finally a new MFI on-site course! We ran this course in some private venues to seen how it went. To be honest we sorta feel like a band doing a … Continue reading

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File 0000000000000001.db? If that’s a file where would you look?

When processing an Apple device, check the files located in /private/var/mobile/Library WebKit/Databases. The Databases.db file is a SQLite Database file that contains a listing of databases.  This file can include (https) Google Mail and Yahoo Mail.  The corresponding file name … Continue reading

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When is a picture more than just a picture?

An iPhone 3G was received for analysis. The owner had reportedly taken video of an assault and subsequently deleted the video. The device was user jailbroken and had the “Cycorder” app installed. This app uses the onboard still camera with … Continue reading

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