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The Paradigm Shift

There is a shift in the force. Using a statement that most still understand, no matter what age group you might come from. This Paradigm Shift comes in the form of digital forensics, specifically mobile device forensics. Said simply enough, … Continue reading

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Carving the artifacts

Recently, I spoke at length to a trainer of MFI that stirred up some great feelings when it comes to searching. And when I talk about feelings don’t get freaked out, but moreover they are the kind of emotions only … Continue reading

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Cellular Forensics

Of course coming from the skies somewhere above the United States I am going to talk about the beginning of my quest in cellphone forensics and where we are today. And for those that cringe every time I say “forensics” … Continue reading

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FTK 3.2 and cellphones

A little bit of a layoff on the blog due to some crazy class schedules, but hey I am here again at 30,000 feet so what the heck. Lets talk about AccessData’s FTK.Ā  I have been messing with AccessData’s new … Continue reading

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They are doing what???

I frequently have prior students, blog readers, forum followers and Twitter twerps contact me screaming, “Hey someone is using your curriculum” or “they are passing off ideas as their own.” via twitter, blogs or in their own classes. First off, … Continue reading

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MFI Training Series vol 1 -Processing

Ok, so we left off talking about the examiners process and now are going to move onto the actual processing of the device it’s self. I will generically talk about some key points I like to cover in my courses. … Continue reading

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