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Our Global Digital Dilemma

In the last two weeks, I have met with representatives from over 80 different countries through several digital initiatives and partnerships I am a part of. These meetings have taken place across the globe, but the the theme of each … Continue reading

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MFI Class Information

Mobile Forensics Inc has brought a new face to the front, Kevin DeLong. Kevin comes from the Lima, Ohio Police department where he has been a forensic examiner of computers and mobile devices. Kevin will take the role of the … Continue reading

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FTK 3.2 and cellphones

A little bit of a layoff on the blog due to some crazy class schedules, but hey I am here again at 30,000 feet so what the heck. Lets talk about AccessData’s FTK.Ā  I have been messing with AccessData’s new … Continue reading

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They are doing what???

I frequently have prior students, blog readers, forum followers and Twitter twerps contact me screaming, “Hey someone is using your curriculum” or “they are passing off ideas as their own.” via twitter, blogs or in their own classes. First off, … Continue reading

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Mobile Forensics Inc 303 – Release Notes

Another airblog for you. This time coming from 40,000 feet! Finally a new MFI on-site course! We ran this course in some private venues to seen how it went. To be honest we sorta feel like a band doing a … Continue reading

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Greetings all you followers of MFI Bloggingness ( if that is a word, if not I call it). This comes to from about 39,000 feet, my frequent abode and resting place for bloggingness. I wanted to drop a line about … Continue reading

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